Aguamanil SPA

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Private rental
Enjoy our SPA in an intimate atmosphere.
Capacity: 1 to 4 guests.

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Aguamanil SPA

A pleasure for your senses

Las Mayas has a small wellness center inside, where you will have the chance to enjoy, relax, unwind and take care of your health.


Circuit suggestion for an optimal experience:

  • Initial Shower / Footbath: 5 minutes.
  • Jacuzzi / Whirlpool: 25 minutes.
  • Turkish steam bath: 10 minutes.
  • Turkish steam bath: 5 minutes.
  • Scottish Shower: 5 minutes.
  • Relaxation area: 5 minutes.

You can also choose the circuit order freely.


SPA informatio

  • OPENING TIMES: 10 am to 9 pm.
  • DURATION: 55 minutes.
  • Wellness area open to the public.
  • Group use capacity: 1 – 4 guests.
  • Private rental by hours, from 35 € / hour.
  • Private drinks service during your stay.
  • In the SPA, you will be able to purchase: a towel, a bathrobe, a cap.
  • Prior reservation required.


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Initial shower

The initial adjustable shower is located on a small footbath and is responsible for being the first hygiene filter in the facilities. Its main goal is to stimulate blood and muscle circulation through the micro-massage produced by the simple act of walking on its edges.

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Hydromassage bathtub

Using a Jacuzzi has several benefits for your health: stimulating the circulation of the arteries, relaxing the muscles, opening the pores of the skin -favoring the elimination of toxins and fighting the fatigue and the nervous tension. It also reduces stress and facilitates relaxation, and it also relieves the arthritis pain and fights insomnia.

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Turkish Steam Bath

The use of the Turkish bath increases pulmonary ventilation, regulates blood pressure and improves cardiovascular circulation by stimulating the nervous and endocrine systems. All this results in a general improvement of health, revitalization of tissues, elimination of toxins and improvement of sleep.

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Mist Shower

Creating a rain effect, it stimulates blood circulation through controlled sessions of vaporized cold water. Apart of creating a stimulating effect, they are perfect to fight stress and they are a natural exfoliant, which contributes to the elimination of toxins and dead cells.

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Scottish Shower

It combines the effects of cold and hot water by levels, looking for temperature contrasts to achieve relaxing effects. The combination of both showers has toning and stimulating effects that are perfect to fight stress naturally.

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Relaxation area with loungers

This small relaxation area is located inside the spa and has several loungers. It is the perfect place to relax, unwind and recover strength for some time after enjoying the wellness circuit.

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