The Chef

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The kitchen is managed by Pablo de Miguel. From a very young age he became interested in the cuisine arts, since he used to closely observe his grandmothers and his mother’s work in the kitchen.

He took his studies at the E.S.G.H. in Toledo, with J.L. Braojos and later worked under the orders of renowned professionals such as Abraham Garcia “Viridiana, Madrid”, Carlos D. Cidón “Vivaldi, León”, Oscar García “Baluarte, Soria” or Isabel Alvarez “Fábula, Burgos”. He completed his training with various stages in restaurants of recognized international prestige.

Since 2008, he has been in charge of Las Mayas restaurant, in what is his most personal project.

We combine local ingredients and techniques with a strong mastery of the culinary technique and seasonal products grown in our own garden; we define our style as a traditional market kitchen with avantgarde elements.

In addition, Pablo is a member of “Comunidad Europea de Cocineros – Euro-Toques”.

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